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Extra Fine Tungsten

  Ultra fine tungsten for loading those high flying ears. Easy to use and undetectable, when used with I-O paste, that is a parafin based product that suspends the tungsten so it cannot be felt. Will last most of the show day. Dark in color and needs to be pushed down into the
I-O paste. Do this with a baby tooth brush. Works super and you will use less by making it stick on the skin. 


 I-O Paste
cost:  $16.50

  This product is paraffin, iodine and a huff based product. The paraffin makes the tungsten undetectable. It holds and suspends the tungsten powder on the skin. All you need is a toothpick and a baby toothbrush. For K-9 use only. 2 oz bottle.



Millers Forge
Handled Flea Comb
from:  $6.99


Features high quality rust resistant steel teeth and  ergonomic high strength plastic handle. The very close spacing of the flea comb teeth assures the capture and removal of fleas. Great for removing glue residue from the Japanese tape and moleskin.

Easy to hold handle in 2 Sizes - One with shorter handle and shorter teeth width and one with longer handle and longer teeth width.

Comb Width




 Flea Comb
cost:  $2.00

  Plastic flea comb with fine and extra fine teeth. Use to remove glue residue from the Japanese tape and moleskin.


Baby Toothbrush
cost:  $0.95

  Use to work in the I-O paste with the tungsten ear weight. Can also use to work in the colored and white face chalks.


All Items Sold On This Site Intended For K-9 Use Only!


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