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Speed Sew
(2 oz Tube)
from:  $8.25

Sheltie and Collie people have used Speed Sew for years and had great success. Do not use more than necessary when applying the glue. Make sure you get a remover and remove the old glue before replacing.



  Tear Mender
2 oz - $7.95


Same type of glue as Speed Sew but more forgiving. An excellent product. You will need the same removers and go through the same procedure when doing The ears. No matter which glue you use,the procedure is the same.


Doc Brannen's
Grooming Adhesive


Many people prefer to use moleskin for their ear training needs. Doc Brannen's Grooming Adhesive is a safe and effective adhesive spray to use with moleskin to improve adhesion of the moleskin to the ear.
Also works great on Japanese tape. 13 oz can. 
Note:  We cannot ship aerosol cans overseas


Cost:  $20.75


Cramer Tuf-Skin


Spray sparingly on the sticky side of Japanese tape or moleskin to improve adhesion. Great for beginner's or for those cases where it just won't stick. Will not irritate the ear - fast becoming a favorite !  4 oz can.
Note:  We cannot ship aerosol cans overseas

Cost:  $18.95



Torbot Liquid
Bond Cement

  Just paint it on the sticky side of either the Moleskin or the Japanese tape before you place it in the ear to improve the adhesion. It dries quickly and holds securely. Contains latex. 4 oz can.

Cost:  $16.95




Great for cleaning ears just before you put in either the moleskin or tape. Clean the ear with Zo-eze on a cotton ball, the clean with rubbing alcohol and let dry. Available in a 16 oz bottle.

Cost:  $18.95

Note:  Zo-Eze is currently unavailable



Uni-Solve Wipes


Individually packaged wipes to remove adhesive from the ears. Great for that quick pre-show clean up. 50 wipes.

Cost:  $14.95



Uni-Solve Liquid


Uni-Solve liquid is a human product. It works well and has some aloe oil in it to help from getting an irritation on the skin. Use with cotton balls or gauze pads and remover and hold on glue area. The glue will get soft like toothpaste. You can remove the glue with a flea comb.

Cost:  $17.95


Adhesive Remover


An alternate adhesive tape remover - available as a non-aerosol spray. Non-irritating, natural citrus odor. 4 oz bottle.

Cost:  $18.00

Note:  Medi-Sol is currently unavailable



Alcohol Wipes


Individually packaged 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes. Great for cleaning ears before putting in tape or moleskin. Or use after cleaning the ears with adhesive remover to remove the oily residue. A must addition to your tack box. 200 wipes.

Cost:  $5.00


All Items Sold On This Site Intended For K-9 Use Only!

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