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  Li'l Pals Dog Toys

Plush Crinkle Elephant
Plush Crinkle Giraffe
Plush Crinkle Monkey
Li'l Pals Plush Crinkle Dog Toys are perfectly sized for small dogs. They feature soft plush material filled with fun crinkling paper.

Tennis Ball Fox
Tennis Ball Racoon
Li'l Pals Tennis Ball Plush Dog Toys offer big fun for pint sized dogs. Great for Puppies.

cost: from $8.49 to $8.99

Toy Description



  Knight Dog Toys

Rope-Tail Racoon
Rope-Tail Skunk
Lots of tugging fun for your pup

Plush Safari Giraffe

Bottle-A-Mal Monkey
Insert a plastic bottle for more fun.

cost: from $5.99 to $10.99

Toy Description




  Nobbly Wobbly Ball
by Multipet

Just about any ol' ball can bounce, but not many make games of fetch this much fun! The Multipet Nobbly Wobbly Ball Dog Toy is made up of interwoven rubber tubes that provide crazy angles when bouncing and plenty of places to grip and chew. Nobbly Wobbly Balls are available in multiple sizes and ready to roll! Available in 4".



  Kong Sport Balls
Small - 3 pack

KONG Sport Balls are better than a tennis ball. Made with extra-thick rubber walls, these toys are tough enough for serious games of fetch. Give them a throw and watch your dog go crazy for these rugged, bouncy balls. Cost $5.00



  Mammoth Twin Tug with Rubber Handle

Made from premium material. Rope fibers floss dogs' teeth as they chew and play. Soft rubber handle. Available in 16" and 26".




  Mammoth Braided Rope

Made from premium material. Rope fibers floss dogs' teeth as they chew and play. 2 Knot Bone..17".. Cost $7.49




HuggleHound Dog Toys

HuggleHound Bunny

HuggleHound Moose

HuggleHound Duck

HuggleHound Cow

cost: $9.49

Toy Description





Simply Fido Dog Toys   

Oscar Monkey

Lucy Bunny

Leo Lion

Basci GIraffe

from $9.49 to $9.99

Toy Description


  Lamb Chop 

Shari Lewis' beloved lamb, classic loveable soft plush toy with squeaker. Great for your herding dog.

Medium or Mini

COST:  Medium - $8.50
Mini - $4.00 





Loofa Pink Ribbon Dog for Breast Cancer Care

In an effort to aid in breast cancer awareness we are carrying the Pink Loofa® Dog for Breast Cancer. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to help find a cure.12 inch, two squeakers

:  $6.00





12 inch, unstuffed, two squeakers. Floppy elongated toy with squeakers but no stuffing… No Mess!  cost:  $6.00

6 inch stuffed. Puppies love this toy.
:  $4.00




  Cuddle Pup Pal

Use the Puppy Cuddle Pad to provide warmth and comfort for your pup. Simply microwave this toy and place with puppy when ready for bed, or any other time the puppy needs comfort. Filled with buckwheat and can be microwaved to provide warmth. Soft, cozy shape can be cuddled for comfort when sleeping or stressed. Chewy tail offers an appropriate chew object for new puppy. Durable plush shell can be machine washed as needed. Buckwheat packet is removable for washing.

cost:  $8.00



  Nuts for Knots Rope

Woven cotton rope in natural or assorted colors. Includes a squeaker for stimulating play. 8 inch.

cost:  $4.50



  Furry Show Squeakers

Woven cotton rope in natural or assorted colors. Includes a squeaker for stimulating play. 8 inch.

cost:  $3.00



  Pet Stages Mini Bone Tug

cost:  $5.99



  Pet Stages Mini Dental Chew
3 pack

cost:  $10.99



  Wellness Soft Puppy Bites

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites Lamb & Salmon Recipe Dog Treats are wholesome, all natural, tasty, bite-sized dog treats. Made in the USA and specially formulated for puppies under 1 year - your pup will be eating nothing but the best! A mixture of pure meat protein with added fruits, veggies and grains gives your growing dog the nutrients to be healthy and strong. You can feel good about training and rewarding your pup with Wellness natural dog treats.
3 oz.

:  $4.50


  Bags On Board Dispenser
Available in Fire Hydrant or Bone Dispenser.
Includes a 30 bag refill.

cost:  $4.99


All Items Sold On This Site Intended For K-9 Use Only!

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