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Fish Zole
250 mg / 10 tablets
cost: $10.49

  Metronidazole for dogs and cats is an effective antimicrobial drug, efficient in the treatment of giardia infections, inflammatory bowel diseases and infections in the mouth. Metronidazole for dogs and cats in combination with other drugs can treat even the most severe infections. Various protozoal infections in cats and dogs can be treated effectively with the help of this medication. It works by disrupting the DNA and thus killing the bacterial microorganisms. Contains ten 250 mg tablets.



Pawz Max Wax


Pawz MaxWax is 100% all natural wax made with bees wax and lanolin to create a hydrophobic barrier protecting against snow and ice build-up between the pads, chemical burn from snow melt chemicals, pesticides, hot pavement, and sand. MaxWax is a pawesome moisturizer for dry, cracked pads. Use year round to promote paw health.

Cost:  60 gm - $11.95   



K-9 Calm
cost: $9.95


A specific blend of herbs and the amino acid tryptophane formulated to reduce stress related energy expenditure. For grooming, traveling, showing, training. It can be used with the confidence that it contains no harmful drugs or chemicals. 15 ml Syringe.



Pill Masker
cost: $12.95


Administering pills is a breeze with Pill-Masker from Tomlyn! Pill Masker is a moist, juicy, flavorful and shape-able paste that is perfect for wrapping around ANY size or shape pill. Made with only food grade ingredients and loaded with proprietary flavor-flakes. Dogs and cats love taste! 
One 4 oz container covers approximately 56 pills.



Dogs Owner's Encyclopedia of Helpful Hints and Trade Secrets
cost: $19.95


This handy, one-of-a-kind encyclopedia contains over 2,000 helpful hints and trade secrets.for owners of all dogs (show dogs and pets alike) in a single comprehensive book. Compiled by the creator, publisher and editor of an award-winning international dog fanciers publication that spanned almost 37 years, this invaluable guide contains amazing secrets and solutions from professionals in the dog-show world and from pet owners.



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