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Greyhound Chalk Brush Set
cost:  $20.00

This versatile set of 3 brushes is made for Greyhound. The dense brush has been specially designed to hold very fine powder so it will adhere to the brush like no other.
  •  Small for facial and ear areas and those 
       hard to reach places between toes
  •  Medium for faces & toy breeds
  •  Large for body areas




Art Deco Signature Series
Onyx Large Scissor Set

cost:  $235.00

Rose Gold & Black
8" Straight & 6.5" Thinner
Black Suede Tool Roll w/ 9 compartments
made with Japanese Steel
Ergonomic shank for comfort.


Suede Tool Roll w/ 9 compartments $39.95



Onyx Small Scissor Set
cost:  $99.95

Black Widow
4.5"  Straight & 4.5" Thinners

Made from top quality Hitachi Japanese steel. One blade teflon coated for non-slip. Opposing shank so you can flip either way for hard to reach places. For trimming small areas. Ideal for head, face, feet, and small areas you cannot reach with larger shears. Case included.




Chris Christensen Double Action
Trigger Sprayer

available in 16 oz & 8 oz

Sprays as you pull the trigger and again as you release, allowing half the effort of normal sprayers. Available in 16 oz & 8 oz, The 8 oz size fits perfectly inside a Tack Box!



Chris Christensen Shine for Sure
cost: $16.99 (4 oz)

Chris Christensen Shine for Sure Spray
is the first line of defense in the war against a dull an frizzy coat. This coat spray improves elasticity, resilency, and restores moisture balance for a serious shine.

Features Hydrolyzed Silk Protien as a natural lipid from palm oil.
Combined with natural silk derived from proteins known as "The Princess of Fibers"
Excellent moisture binding properties link hair fibers.
Shine for Sure Spray creates a lightweight, long lasting rich glossiness
Made in the USA.



Crown Royale Condition Plus
cost: $15.99

Crown Royale Condition Plus
gives the coat spectacular body, bounce and static-free manageability in just one application. A substantive conditioner that bonds to the hair shaft allowing for fantastic control and sheen while it keeps the coat from matting. 16 oz concentrate.

Recommended for use on all fine and medium texture coats as an after shampoo conditioning rinse..
Made in the USA.




Bait Bags
cost: $5.50

3 1/2 x 4 1/2" faux leather bait bag w/ velcro closure.
Now available in many colors

Dixie Bait Bags:


Russo Bait Bags:



All Items Sold On This Site Intended For K-9 Use Only!

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