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#1 All Systems
Amp It Up
cost: $28.99

Big Boost Hair Paste -
Amplify, Define, Volumize & Texturize your Style!
This NEW hair cream/paste is made with the highest grade cosmetic ingredients available. Apply with your hands starting at the roots and work out to the ends of the coat. Finish with brush or comb to complete the look.



#1 All Systems Invisible Styling Gel
cost: $9.99

  A pale pink, lightweight, freshly scented setting & styling gel which blocks the effects of too much humidity or to dry an atmosphere resulting in a coat which holds it shape and style without being visible to the eye, hand or brush. It can even be used on the most fragile coats over the course of several days without build-up or the need to re-bath (Non-oily, not sticky). 8 oz.


Chris Christensen
Thick n Thicker
Texturizing Bodifier

  Chris Christensen Thick-n-Thicker
immediately builds body, volume and lift! Adds texture and body to wire coats, fullness to coat furnishings and volume to coats lacking undercoat.

No flakiness or buildup.
Washes out easily with the first shampoo.
Zero weight, ultra fine mist for even distribution.
Note:  We cannot ship aerosol cans overseas

cost: $16.99 (10 oz.)



Chris Christensen
Spectrum One
Substance Builder

  Chris Christensen Spectrum One Coarse and Rough Coat Substance Builder turns flat, lifeless hair into thick, springy, full coats for perfect styling manageability. It is the only answer for precision scissor work and delivers unsurpassed visible results. Hard-coated terrier jackets will lay flat with great texture and furnishings will be full and vibrant.
Increases density, Repairs damaged coats while providing texture and volume. Made in the USA

cost: $23.95 (16 oz.)



Chris Christensen
Thick n Thicker
Volumizing Protein

  Chris Christensen Thick N Thicker Volume Response Foaming Protein  adds astonishing volume to any coat type. Replenishes protein and creates volume by implanting a high volume of low molecular weight proteins. The dense compact foam base allows easy distribution through the coat. Naturally volumizes thin, skimpy coats while repairing and protecting coat hairs. Strengthens weakened hair shafts and repair split ends  Made in the USA

cost: $23.95 (16 oz.)


Chris Christensen
Thick n Thicker
Whipped Creme Mousse

  Chris Christensen Thick N Thicker Whipped Creme Mousse adds incredible volume and shine while infusing nutrients that enrich the coat with vitamins and fatty acids. Creates volume, lift, texture, shine and control with just about any coat type, length or texture. Thick N Thicker Whipped Creme Mousse will give you what you want - add beautiful fullness and build volume with a natural, smooth, silky feel by brushing and/or combing the mousse through the coat while blowing dry.
Provides instant cures for fly-aways and controls frizz
Made in the USA

cost: $16.99 (10 oz.)

Note:  Whipped Creme Mousse currently unavailable



Chris Christensen
Ice on Ice
Detangling Spray

Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Spray with Sunscreen
is a leave in conditioning, finishing spray and detangler with SUNSCREEN! This spray treats, fortifies, and protects the coat, creating a protective barrier that locks in moisture.

Repels dirt, dust, urine, and pollutants that
    damage and break the coat.
Adds elasticity and strength to prevent
    breakage when brushing.
Ready to use.
Made in the USA.

cost: $16.99 (16 oz.)


Chris Christensen
Coat Link
Coat Dressing

  Chris Christensen Coat Link Coat Dressing
adds multi-dimensional shine and was developed especially for double coated and drop coated breeds. This coat dressing replenishes and completely transforms coats with 4 times more moisturizers. Coat Link produces a springy coat, deeper, richer colors, complete manageability of unruly coats and virtual freedom from frizz instantly.

Easy-to-use whipped mousse formula.
Infused with a complex of triple natural lanolin to  
    strengthen and repair coats.
Leaves long-lasting volume with a touchable feel.
Can be used on dogs or cats.
Made in the USA.

cost: $16.99 (10 oz. Aerosol)


Chris Christensen
Shine for Sure

  Chris Christensen Shine for Sure Spray
is the first line of defense in the war against a dull an frizzy coat. This coat spray improves elasticity, resilency, and restores moisture balance for a serious shine.

Features Hydrolyzed Silk Protien as a natural lipid from palm oil.
Combined with natural silk derived from proteins known as
      The Princess of Fibers
Excellent moisture binding properties link hair fibers.
Shine for Sure Spray creates a lightweight, long lasting rich glossiness
Made in the USA.

cost: $16.99 (4 oz)


Crown Royale
Condition Plus

  Crown Royale Condition Plus
gives the coat spectacular body, bounce and static-free manageability in just one application. A substantive conditioner that bonds to the hair shaft allowing for fantastic control and sheen while it keeps the coat from matting. 16 oz concentrate.

Recommended for use on all fine and medium texture coats as an after shampoo conditioning rinse..
Made in the USA.

cost: $15.99



Crown Royale
Magic Touch
Formula 3
from: $12.49

  Crown Royale Magic Touch Formula 3 is the ultimate finishing spray for the show dog! Formulated with conditioners, optical brighteners and silicones, this spray gives luxurious sheen without heavy build-up, repels dirt, and prevents coat matting.
* For full bodied texture coats
* Gives a natural sheen and enhances full body texture
* Shampoos out easily
* Made in the USA

Available in 16 oz. RTU (ready to use) or
                  16 oz. Concentrate



Crown Royale
Texturizing Spray
from: $15.95

  Crown Royale Bodifier is a texturizing spray concentrate that adds sheen and bounce to the coat. Bodifier is rich in conditioners and firms the coat's texture. This product strengthens the coat and help prevent breakage while keeping furnishings in place and static free..
* Textures coat while adding sheen and fullness
* Dilutes 7:1
* Strengthens coat, helping to prevent breakage
* Made in the USA

Available in 16 oz. Concentrate



Cindra Super Coat
from: $10.95

  Cindra Super Coat builds coat. Has extra holding agents to give you that larger, fuller coat. Makes double.



Cindra Moisture Plus
from: $7.50


  Cindra Moisture Plus - Keep those luxurious long silky coats supple and shiny. Re-moisturize dry hair and skin with a unique combination of special oils and vitamins. This unique, non-greasy conditioner is designed to penetrate and soften the coat and skin. 

Eliminate the need for additional hot oil treatments, detanglers, anti-statics, crème rinses and chalk helpers. Moisture Plus can do it all for you. 

Leaves no oily residue for easier scissoring. Highly concentrated. Can be diluted in water.


Cindra Sculpting Gel
from: $7.75


Cindra Sculpting Gel provides high gloss and hold with a natural feel! Adds body to improve toplines. Use on legs to improve look of substance. Control flyaway hairs with ease. Versatile, non-flaky formula that dilutes in water if you need a spray on texturizer. Suggested Use: Hold top knots, flyaway hairs, eyebrows and mustaches in place; add volume, control pouf coats, improve outlines.




Texture Magic
cost: $22.00


CELEBRATING THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THIS BRITISH SECRET: TEXTURE MAGIC is  brought to from the age old tack box of Dan Sackos who is willing to share this well kept British Secret to produce the perfect coat. You will NEVER have holes in the Topline, Sparse Tails or Legs without substance again!! CREATES volume, texture, thicker coats, lift, perfect toplines, fuller chests, illusions of substance in both leg bone and coat quality, no more dips and holes. Can be used in any color coat including black - to be applied with either a 100% Boar or Boar Bristle & Nylon brush.  Cannot be applied with a pin brush or slicker brush. 



Turning Point
cost: $22.00

  Turning Point by The Right Stuff silkens and thickens the hair shaft. Use sparingly on the coat either by direct application with the hands or about an ounce in a spray bottle for general grooming. If your pet's coat is badly matted, work a small amount of Turning Point concentrate directly into the mat and brush. You can add 3 oz to a 32 oz bottle of shampoo when you wash your dog to aid in painless removal of the dead and matted fur. Turning Point contains botanical conditioners and a small amount of Jojoba oil to make a medium to light weight conditioner. A small amount in a spray bottle of water will help keep your dogs coat shiny and in shape. Great for drop coats!! (8 oz)



Bio-Groom Magic White
Bio-Groom Magic Black

  Bio-Groom Magic White & Bio-Groom Magic Black
are enhancing spray-on powders that will not rub off like ordinary grooming powders.
Product features a special no-clog nozzle.

Bio-Groom Magic White (10 oz Aerosol) - $16.49
Bio-Groom Magic Black (8 oz Aerosol) - $14.95

Note:  We cannot ship aerosol cans overseas


White Show Foam
cost: $12.95

  A fast drying foam, used to train hair and aids with clipping on show day. Simply spray a coat on to the body, and blow in until completely dry. Show Foam will provide a strong holding power for the hair and a thicker hair base. Use White Show Foam for a clear finish.
Note:  We cannot ship aerosol cans overseas



Black Show Foam
cost: $14.95


Grooms and trains hair.  Enriched with color enhancers.  A show day must. Great clipping aid. Adds body.
Note:  We cannot ship aerosol cans overseas



Clear Magic Coat  Spray
cost: $12.95


Tames hard-to-hold hair, adds rich, full look. Superb control. Fast and aerosol easy. Leaves hair soft and pliable after combing.  Ideal for show dogs, cattle, sheep and horses. 
Note:  We cannot ship aerosol cans overseas



Black Magic Coat Dye
cost: $14.95


Tames hard-to-hold hair, adds rich, full look. Superb control. Fast and aerosol easy.Leaves hair soft and pliable after combing.  Ideal for show dogs, cattle, sheep and horses.
Note:  We cannot ship aerosol cans overseas



Chris Christensen
Double Action
Trigger Sprayer
available in 16 oz & 8 oz



Sprays as you pull the trigger and again as you release, allowing half the effort of normal sprayers. Available in 16 oz & 8 oz, The 8 oz size fits perfectly inside a Tack Box!



Show Foot Non-slip Pad Spray
cost: $16.95


BIO-GROOM Show Foot's unique formula was developed specifically to prevent slipping during indoor shows and on damp grassy surfaces. It is fast drying and non-irritating. Perfect for excellent performances in the show ring. Wears off or can be removed easily with rubbing.
Note:  We cannot ship aerosol cans overseas



8 oz. Fine Mist Spray
cost: $5.00


Bait Bags
3 1/2 x 4 1/2" faux leather bait bag w/ velcro closure.
Now available in many colors
Cost: $5.50

All Items Sold On This Site Intended For K-9 Use Only!

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